The Introduction: To be [Young, Black, Woman, and Educated].

Young [yuhng] ; 1. Of, or relating to youth

Black [blak] ; 1. Relating to race, higher levels of melanated skin; 2. Brown skin, 3. Those who have ancestral ties to Africa.

Educated [ed·u·cat·ed] ; 1. Educated  within, or by way of, a formal institution of higher education.

Woman [wom·an] ; 1. The creator of life.

I can hear the trolls now: “Here we go again… does everything have to be about race. This is why racism still exists… and I mean, women act like they just have it soooo bad…”.

Well listen here Susan and Bob, this ain’t your typical blog and I am not the typical “sista”. I am young, Black, educated, and woman. A compilation of identities that make me invincible, irrelevant, uncompromising, and inherently misunderstood.

This blog in not only my story,  but it is a call for help, action, and encouragement for those who need it the most. We are calling out for help from those who are complicit bystanders in our times distress; we are calling for action from those who are in positions of power but choose to actively participate in our demise; and we are seeking to encourage and stand in solidarity with the women who know the blessings and curses of these very identities that we possess all too well.

As a support to those who need us the most, we stand proudly in our truths and in our identities. We will tell the stories that need to be told,  and we illustrate the the images that often ignored.

Being [Young, Black, Educated, and Woman] is not who we are despite our circumstances; Being [Young, Black, Educated, and Woman] is who are in spite of our circumstances.

– Signed, @ToBeYBEW_


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