“How To: Survive a Departmental Meeting”

Do you dread going to staff meetings? Do you contemplate yelling obscenities and storming out once they have started? Are you just fed up with wasting your time?

–Well if so, I have something for you — 5 easy ways to get through ANY departmental meeting! Here we go!

  • Come well rested. I am suggesting this first and foremost because these meetings can take everything out of you! If there is ever a time that you may fall asleep and be called out for ‘not caring’ or ‘being uninvested’, it is during these very moments. Don’t get caught nodding!


  • Be inconspicuous. At this point in time, it is better to be seen rather than heard. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for speaking up and letting your voice be heard. However, if you are like me and you just DO NOT CARE about the nonsense that tends to presents itself during weekly meetings, then this is definitely the way to go. As you slowly become incognito, think of this time as a little dose of ‘me time’. Work on your blog, online shop,  even catch up with an old friend via iMessage (on your Mac of course) or Facebook.


  • Snacks. Always bring snacks. Depending on your co-works, and the levels of pettiness that may occur within your meeting, popcorn may be your best bet. Snacks are necessary because they are multi-purposeful. They can keep you awake and energize you in your time of need. Take precaution though, there is no noisier snack than popcorn, and the smell tends to linger. It could easily be considered a “distraction”, and you don’t want that . Remember it’s best to be inconspicuous during these times


  • Have your receipts ready! I know this may be alarming, but I would be wrong if I didn’t mention this. All I can say is: “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”, hunni. These folks do not play fair! It is key to always come correct – with facts and supporting facts. Meetings are when most departmental drama and shade hit the fan. Don’t get caught slippin’ – your name may just get called. Have emails, call logs, and texts on deck and ready to go!


  • Always smile. This tip is more so of a reminder. The best responses, even the ones when filled and drenched in shade and shiesty-ness are best delivered with a pleasant grin or smirk. Ahh yes, kill them with kindness, boo.


– Signed, @ToBeYBEW__


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