“The Reminder: An Ode to the Struggling Graduate Student”

I came back to school to get rich.
Now I’m here and my finances are in a pinch.

Trying to wrap my mind around this situation.
Over here struggling to find a good job in this nation.

It’s got my mental so twisted and confused.
The only relief I can find is when I snooze.

They keep saying, “it’ll all be worth it in the end”.
But the way my kind keeps dying, I wonder, “will I even be here by then?”

Day after day I wake up to try again to figure it out.
The tears cloud my eyes, and the pain cuts so deep, so I silently shout.

My heart is heavy, my anxiety high…
So, I take a deep breath, exhale, sigh…

I snap myself back into reality
And I walk out my door, sadly.

My phone buzzes, it’s my reminder…
“Work on your thesis…
Even though your life feels like it’s in pieces..
Even though your brothers and sisters are dying…
This could be the answer to saving lives so keep trying…
Hold yourself together because you’re needed…
You have to do this – get it completed”.

I take a sip of water, turn my music up high.
I step into my destiny and take another try.

I know this soon will pass, because that’s what they said…
I just wish sometimes, I took another path instead.

-Signed, a tired graduate student