Little [black] Girl

–Little black Girl–


Little girl, 

Be a little girl as long as you can

Play in the grass, and walk in the sand

Laugh your loudest rambunctious laugh

And dance and sing aloud


Little girl,

Be a little girl as long as you can

Because soon, you will become a little Black girl

A little Black girl that is not seen the same

A little Black girl that must learn to play the game


So, Little Black girl, 

Play with your little black dolls

See yourself and sisters in them, and be sure to love them all

Dress them up as doctors, lawyers, academics, poets

Know that they are all beautiful, strong, and intelligent 


Little Black girl, 

Look in the mirror and smile

Embrace your kinks, curls, and coils, regardless of style

Look at your deeply melanated skin

No matter what they tell you, it is not a sin


Little Black girl, 

Love yourself

Know that God values you, above all else

You are more than what they will tell and show you

Their lies and deception are nothing new


Little Black girl,

Be young, wild, and free

Make sure that you grow up and be who you want to be


Little Black girl, I was once you

Young, innocent, pure, and new

But today I write to tell you, 

That for the first time ever, I have learned to love you. 

—– Signed, a grown Black woman that has finally learned to love the little Black girl within herself 


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